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Published:Monday | November 28, 2022 | 12:05 AM

Holness questions Opposition’s motives for blocking SOE extension

“@AndrewHolnessJM, just call another one. If you don’t, then you both are playing politics with people lives. This back and forth is becoming very nauseating. If you really mean what you say about your legacy, do it!” – @markjohnsonJM

“These entities collectively should ask the Government to meet immediately with the Opposition leader to incorporate some of their legislative suggestions that will make the SOE more acceptable, and remove any politicisation of this important piece of legislation.” – @Johnny49197242

“The solution is there tapping him on his shoulder…the security ministry has the requisite funds to implement same in violence-prone communities.” – @WanlissA721

“PM, just lead and don’t fall into the trap that brought down your predecessor. PNP are not interested in any coalition-type behaviour. Just lead until the people say otherwise in the polls. PNP are merely a fly in the ointment, scoop them out and get on with it.” – @tx_biz_guy

“He had all the answers to solve crime when he was in Opposition, he should use them now.” – @Olive47968695

“Let them block all they want. Let the officers use curfews to get the job done, Mr Prime Minister. By the hook or by the crook, the crime has to decrease. Curfews please. Jamaica is too nice to let a few spoil all the fun.” – @readyjuke

“PNP playing politics with Jamaicans’ safety.” – @liamjames851

“So Mr PM, a SOE a the grand crime plan? [You] always a blame [the] Opposition, when are u going to hold your ministers accountable, sir? SMH; disappointed in this, sir.” – @melesiamcdonald

“Obviously, this ‘plan’ is ineffective. Find a new one, or find a new minister.” – @tissanne_mac

“I think the Opposition wants you to come up with something more effective, so don’t blame them. Can’t wait to see what the next prime minister does!” – @tanaygillings

“SOE doesn’t stop crimes and killing, it only makes the poorer class look like they’re the crime builders, when deep down they’re not. Do away with SOE, it’s crippling the nation.” – Winston Walford

The Opposition and ruling party, because they are just fighting against each other with no crime plan. It is our country! Both need to get together, have a brain storm and come up with a plan. Stop the foolishness, because the gunmen don’t care which party you represent. We need all hands on deck now! A fe wi country.” – Judy Marshall

“Not saying the Opposition should have blocked it, but obviously, the SOEs are not working. You need to get a better crime plan and stop talking nonsense.” – Karlene Francis

“U don’t need the PNP to fight crime; u told us u have the plan, that why u win, so use the plan.” – Michael Leigh

­– Reactions are from The Gleaner’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages. Compiled by Khanique McDaniel