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Warmington’s outbursts reflect badly on his party

Published:Tuesday | January 31, 2023 | 12:05 AM
Everald Warmington
Everald Warmington


Once again, Jamaica Labour Party Member of Parliament Everald Warmington has made the news for corrosive and highly divisive remarks on his part. His criticisms of former Prime Minister and former Jamaica Labour Party leader Bruce Golding – for comments he made in relation to the Financial Services Commission and the government – smack of hypocrisy, cultish behaviour, a lack of courtesy and class.

When Delroy Chuck was Speaker of the House, during the Golding-led JLP administration, Warmington, at numerous parliamentary sittings, verbally abused Chuck, and on several occasions had to be reprimanded by the then Speaker. Did that not reflect negatively on Warmington and his government/party? In relation to the Petrojam saga under the Holness-led administration, Warmington madeclear, in no uncertain terms, during at least one Public Administration and Appropriations Committee meeting, his anger and disdain for the hiring of an unqualified human resources manager at Petrojam. Did his remarks, at that time, not reflect badly upon his party/government?

Warrington saying Golding is/was a “double failure” as prime minister of Jamaica is highly offensive, and does not align with the truth. Is Warmington unaware of the glowing article – about Bruce Golding and his prime ministerial tenure/achievements – in The Economist publication? The article titled ‘Golding goes’, published on October 1, 2011, has a sentence that reads, “And, sometimes, almost despite himself, he has been Jamaica’s most successful leader, in decades.”

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Mr Warmington!