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Early childhood teachers need to be considered, too

Published:Wednesday | March 29, 2023 | 12:31 AM


The Government had made a move with the understanding that public sector workers would be better off with the compensation restructure. It is public knowledge that every member of the public sector is expected to benefit from same. While some benefits more than some, it is expected that ALL will benefit. So why do we still have teachers being paid under minimum wage?

There are several teachers under the Early Childhood Commission who have not seen any increase in salary in over seven years and are being paid a gross pay of $33,254.68 per month.

While it is expected that these teachers would benefit from the school fees that the institutions collect, the reality is that this does not always happen.

Some of these schools also suffer from serious and consistent bad debts, with parents failing to pay school fees as promised. The Government has even integrated infant schools within the primary schools, thus causing these early childhood teachers to suffer a loss as well.

I am imploring the Government to assist these teachers by sharing a portion of the compensation restructure package with them by even giving them an increase in minimum wage.

Being paid below minimum wage is unacceptable with the changes in our economy. I hope the Early Childhood Commission will consider these teachers and lobby on their behalf.