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King Charles: A voice for the Commonwealth or the European Union?

Published:Thursday | December 7, 2023 | 12:06 AM


There has been quite a bit of anticipation since the crowning of the new monarch a year ago as to how soon the king will define and articulate his role as leader of the Commonwealth of Nations.

During the latter years of the late monarch, Queen Elizabeth 11, her role as head of state of the realms became the absentee landlord, and a once-a-year address to the Commonwealth heads of government.

During her absence the Commonwealth began to change, as countries other than Britain sought to forge partnerships with Commonwealth countries.

Should the monarch have been accused of betrayal of the Commonwealth of Nations, particularly the realms, when Britain went into the European Union, and showed preference to the Europeans as trading partners, rather than promoting trade agreements with the Commonwealth nations?

Did Britain's decision to join the Union throw the realms into poverty, which is now being manifested across the smallest countries?

Can Britain serve two masters: the European Union and the Commonwealth...and run the risk of being seen as traitor to one or the other? Does the Commonwealth Charter manifestly determine who Britain should be loyal to?

The new monarch, King Charles, needs to be more than an absentee landlord.