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Readers’ reactions

Published:Friday | December 8, 2023 | 12:06 AM

Thirty-three additional persons from 12 countries granted Jamaican citizenship

While I understand their happiness to become one of us, I’m also confused as to why folks from the likes of France, US, and the Republic of China see it as a success story to become Jamaicans considering contrast in economies. – @YardyGunnerz

Nice. Now for the Haitians. – @christinelearosetownsend

I want to know who gave up French and US citizenship? – @cocoalibragem

Wherever in the world I live, I will always keep my Jamaican passport. How could I not be Jamaican? – @zell125

Seh what a nice place fi live, sweet Jamdung, di only problem is ... #TonyRebel – @bemorechick

But why? – @thedarkpisces

People are always moving. It’s nice to see immigrants choosing Jamaica. Only illogical xenophobes will suffer a mental discomfort. – @smithc583

Ppl be wanting citizenship of Jamaica? – @tammi_b_richards

Why are there so many people mentioning a lack of Haitians being granted citizenship? Since when is Jamaica obligated to give Haitians preferential treatment? – @beachbabe_dee

I am from Ukraine and just got my Jamaican citizenship. – @oneloverentals

Well I guess Jamaica not that bad if people are leaving their country to get citizenship there. Not one but 12 countries? – @mlkajh

Well a so it go the grass always look greener on the other side. Anyway, Jamaica is a beautiful country. – @andre6659

Ha ha now this is what you call “getti getti nuh want it and wanti wanti can’t get it”. – @derrin86

How does Jamaica citizen process work for foreign nationals? Do they have to apply for work permit too and go through thorough background checks etc or dem just give dem citizenship, especially the Americans? – @jamgyalauthor

The same people them who a curse people for buying out Jamaica are wondering why people want Jamaican citizenship. Same way we think foreign nice, they think foreign (Jamaica) nice too. – @maxamillion321

Believe it or not there are countries in worse conditions than Jamaica and view what we have as paradise. – @tina876fit

Unu a run wen other people a come. – @hectervaldez

Look here, if we cyah get fi dem country own don’t give them any of ours. Things fi equal not unequal. – @_thatshortgirl_

To how them say nothing naa gwaan a Jamaica?! Even American ppl want to become Jamaican citizen? While Jamaicans running away. – @cosmo.360

I’ve been back in Jamaica for over 10 years and I’m having a time tryna get my status right! But yay for them. – @jaleesamichele_

Congrats a lot of people fail to understand that our passport have power compared to other countries again it’s not the strongest but it has power and I stand on that. – @junior2uu

Looking in at some of y’all comments is why I recommend every Jamaican should travel outside of Jamaica even one time in their life so they can see how people from other countries love and respect Jamaica more than we Jamaicans do. – @islandkid82

Readers’ reactions sourced from The Gleaner’s Instagram and X, formerly Twitter, pages. Compiled by Khanique McDaniel.