Wed | Apr 24, 2024

Focus on holistic approach to development

Published:Monday | March 4, 2024 | 12:05 AM


I am calling on our chief servant and those who are aspiring to drastically change their approach for the national good of our people and the country. Our priorities at all levels should be as follows:

a) Water should be made available for domestic, commercial, irrigation, and other major infrastructure use.

b) Healthcare should be improved in its entirety.

c) Education – It should begin with an in-depth early childhood programme, in all facets, to advance higher institutional learning. Further, higher institutional learning should be significantly developed to address the needs and be relevant with the current trends.

d) Security – Very specialised training should be developed for the police and military, so that there will be a very close relationship with the security force and the people.

e) Agriculture – Major configuration of the 4-H programme; when students successfully complete training, they should be allotted a piece of land with all the necessary tools, be it seeds, equipment and animals.

f) Constitutional reform – We should start to put in place national town hall meetings across the island. The Church should play a very integral role for the edification of our brothers and sisters, so that they will be fully conversant with the national referendum, and the structure of what our new Constitution should reflect as a republic. Simultaneously all prospective Politically ambitious people should prepare themselves so that they will be very relevant to offer themselves for service.

g) Finally, we are calling on our Christ-like people, the Church, to actively take on the role that Christ-likeness has vested in them.