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Readers’ reactions

Published:Tuesday | April 16, 2024 | 12:06 AM

Mounting housing hurdles for young professionals

“Do we all need to ‘own’ our own homes? Is this a feasible model? In much of Europe, people are content to be live-long renters. One appreciates building generational wealth and all the equity in real estate, but is it for everyone? Maybe a culture/mind shift may ease the crisis.” – @Zemi66

“These alleged professionals are extremely selfish if they think the demise of a market that so many have invested in, for their benefit, will have a good outcome.” – @Jamaican000

“This headline is untrue. It’s not just the professionals asking for this.” – @flatbammy

“If there is a housing crash, they will not be able to afford the new low price. They will not be employed.” – @pagsullvn

“Imagine you have at least $2 million before you can purchase a home, while most of us average Jamaicans who are earning between $25-35,000 per fortnight never see $1.5 million ina dem life much less. But u need $20mil before u can tink of owning a home.” – @realmedz35

“Yawn. Here we go again. Hang your hat.” – @RealDuttyMan

“Can cry all we want here, individuals who are older and have more capital will still end up buying and renting these affordable options to said ‘young professionals’.” – @iDont_Kher

It’s because everybody waan live a Kingston, y’all need to pree Clarendon, St Elizabeth and St Catherine (between Spanish Town and Old Harbour) Government and private sector now need to start offices and agencies outside of Kingston so that ppl can feel comfortable living outside of Kingston. – @salvatore_dimaeo

“We should start a movement.” – @Th3Nygma

“I’m happy I bought land and put on one room a year till me have mansion now, cuz to wait on something already built, and worse in a scheme, your corner dark; worse if you under 30, sacrifices have to made people, but never give up. Land prices now are house money, and it’s shocking cuz salary not moving fast enough to catch these prices, and Anju announce increase in NHT benefits; and then the prices of house goes up by 2 to 3 million or more each time him announce it increase.” – @tjonvalentine

“’Cause all a onu waan live a Kingston. And waan live uptown inna Instagram apartment. People who make modest incomes can buy homes. Your first home doesn’t have to be your dream home. I’m not saying it’s not hard, but open up your mind and you will definitely have more options.” – @lola_speaks_her_mind

“I have given up hope. I saw a run-down house in Kgn selling for $64mil. Can ordinary working Jamaican afford this?” – @shawnabartholomew

Readers’ reactions sourced from The Gleaner’s X, formerly Twitter, and Instagram pages. Compiled by Khanique McDaniel.