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Mark Golding: Son of our soil and the British Isles?

Published:Wednesday | May 22, 2024 | 12:07 AM
Mark Golding
Mark Golding


What a peculiar position our very own son of the soil and purported son of the British Isles finds himself in. Standing as the obstructive force for us to constitutionally break bonds with Britain.

Perched on the precipice of constitutional reform, we, the people, are urged to ponder: Can a man truly serve two masters, or does his heart inevitably tilt towards one? Prime Minister Holness, yesterday with words of wisdom, proclaimed that the helm our of executive power must be firmly anchored in Jamaican soil, lest the tempest of doubt cloud the skies of governance.

Yet, Mark Golding, with his pedigree traced to Britain, dares to navigate the stormy seas of our national destiny. Is he the shepherd guiding us to greener pastures, or a wolf in sheep’s clothing, ready to forsake our shores when the winds of adversity blow?

Consider the irony, dear reader, of a British citizen in our hallowed halls of Parliament, allegiance divided, as we move towards full independence from the very realm to which he owes fealty. Is this not like a captain steering his ship towards the new rocks, while singing the praises of the lighthouse?

Let us not be beguiled by the siren song of political expediency, but rather, let us follow the clarion call of sovereignty, ringing clear as a bell tolling in the night. For in the process of refining our national identity, forged in the fires of struggle and sacrifice, there can be no room for ambiguity or ambivalence.

We know very well that in the theatre of politics, masks are donned, and roles are played. Let us not be deceived by the duplicity right before us. For in the final act, it is not the rhetoric of politicians that shall echo through the annals of history, but the deeds of those who stood steadfast in defence of our beloved Jamaica.

Let us not be swayed by the allure of silver tongues or the promises of false prophets, but instead, let us stand firm in our resolve to uphold the sanctity of our citizenship, the integrity of our nation, its future, and our will to win full independence.



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