Thu | Jul 18, 2024

Boys Town’s football programme in need of support

Published:Thursday | May 23, 2024 | 12:07 AM


I write in both the capacity of being the founding manager of All Saints/Jones Town FC, now Arnett Gardens FC, and former director of Boys Town. From the seventies to the nineties, Boys Town FC was one of the best football teams in the league, and thousands of fans attended their matches, and from which KSAFA/JFF coffers benefited immensely. Boys Town is now on the rebound and qualified twice to play in the JFF two-tier league for promotion but were not able to compete because of the $2-million budget needed, which involved travelling, food and management expenses.

Boys Town, the institution, deals with nation-building on the whole, so soliciting funds for the BTFC can confuse the public. Hence, there is little support for the football programme.

This is an appeal to the corporate sponsors, general public, and fans to support this worthy cause.


Social Worker