Sun | Jun 16, 2024

Nasty politics using smoke and mirrors

Published:Monday | May 27, 2024 | 12:06 AM


It is clear that the ruling party has run out of gas, and see their meal ticket in Mark Golding’s inheritance. Since when does an inherited citizenship remove loyalty or accountability? The current Government seems to have a penchant for going against the Constitution, and on more than one occasion have had to walk back on their decisions. Jamaica needs to see the bigger picture, operating in the global marketplace, dual citizenship issues pales in comparison to transparency and accountability. This Government, in the past four years, has shown that they posses neither.

According to The Gleaner editorial of May 22, Mark Golding pointed to the Constitution that gives allowance to Commonwealth citizens to hold political office. While there are the obvious arguments concerning trust issues and loyalty, it would be disingenuous to not look at a person’s track record. The Mark Golding-led Opposition has tried to uphold the constitution on many occasions, whereas the JLP used their majority to push through laws that are unconstitutional and harmful to the public; cases in point - the road traffic amendment, the largely unfruitful ZOSOs, the extending tenures of certain public officials, among others.

We have a government that seemingly acts with impunity, loftiness, and show complete disregard for the citizens of Jamaica. When public sector-salary disputes threatened to cripple the nation, the Government complained about lack of funds, then responded with a 22.5 per cent increase for the workers and 230 per cent for themselves. There exists a plethora of irregularities in several government agencies. There is also the ‘a me run things’ attitude. To top it off, Andrew Holness is yet to certify his statutory declarations for almost three years past the deadline.

The politicising of Mark Golding’s inherited citizenship shows the desperation of the JLP. They are not only asking that he renounces his British citizenship, but they also want him removed from being the leader of the PNP. The party under Golding’s leadership has gained significant ground in terms of favourability. Golding’s stance in the constitutional reform is the removal of the Privy Council, to be completely free of British interference. The Privy Council possesses more sway on governance and laws in Jamaica than the actual monarchy. The hypocrisy is glaring; Holness is an appointed member of the Privy Council. An appeal brought to the Privy Council is called an ‘appeal to the King’s Counsel’.

Remember the story of the Samaritan – sometimes it’s a stranger who has your best interest at heart.