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Thompson Herah’s fans are either in denial or living in fantasy

Published:Tuesday | May 28, 2024 | 12:07 AM
Elaine Thompson Herah.
Elaine Thompson Herah.


Elaine Thompson Herah came dead last at the Diamond League Prefontaine Classic recently. Some of her die-hard fans have since said, “ She is injured”, “She does not want to show her real speed until the Olympics”, “It just the start of the season, she will get in shape for the Olympics” and “She is usually slow during her season’s début.”

Do we really believe that? If we do, we are living in fantasy island or we are in denial.

Elaine Thompson Herah has not been on a winning streak for the past two years. Her gold medals prove she has a heart of gold; however, her recent race proved her body has lost its ‘gold’. She was slightly overweight and her positional last proves her début was seemingly ‘over-wait’ also.

When an athletic phenomenon like Elaine Thompson Herah comes ninth among a nine-person race, it means something is definitely wrong with Elaine, if not physically, then it must bementally, or emotionally. Her worldwide fans, especially Jamaicans, deserve an explanation for her poor performance and a clarification for her lack of endurance. An international celebrity has an international responsibility to prepare the international community for international functionality.

Will Elaine Thompson Herah be 100 per cent ready for the Paris Olympics in 2024?


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