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Published:Wednesday | September 18, 2019 | 12:08 AM


People’s National Party President Dr Peter Phillips has announced that he will shuffle his shadow c abinet following the party’s annual conference this weekend. Who should he keep, and who should he sacked? #GLNRTalk

Peter Bunting, Mark Golding, Dayton Campbell, Angela Brown Burke definitely should remain. - @ricardo_gouldbourne

He should definitely shuffle himself as well. - @pine_and_ginger_gyal

Kick the whole damn Opposition out including himself. - @lisa.oxygen

He needs everyone including. All they need to do is work as a team and win. - @deidrakym

Anyone that will stay. - @overdo_it

He definitely need everyone at this time. - @arthurtameka

Dayton Campbell must go. - @worthymercy

Kick everybody that opposed him and promote who supported him. Better to win/lose with loyalist than win/ lose with your haters. - @raymond.a.gordon.9

Everybody done know say all who never support him that did have positions ago get kicked and most of who supported him ago get a lil position. - @___asani___don