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Jamaica Productivity Centre targets youths for upcoming initiatives

Published:Saturday | April 20, 2024 | 12:07 AM

The Jamaica Productivity Centre (JPC) will be undertaking several initiatives aimed at enhancing workforce productivity and the local economy’s competitiveness.

These include a public awareness campaign to educate employers and employees about the benefits of improved productivity, and the implementation of a Productivity Ambassador Programme.

Chief technical director (CTD) at the JPC, Tamar Nelson, noted that productivity is the foundation for economic growth and development.

“You’re looking at more job creation and more inclusivity as it relates to job access; you are talking about better job quality, as well. It means increased wages, increased training and it also means better working conditions and working environments,” she stated.

“Can you imagine a world or a Jamaica where things were done in an efficient and effective manner, that we are continuously looking to make whatever we are doing better, in terms of the quality and the output? Everyone would benefit from that kind of movement, and that’s something that the JPC, through our Ministry of Labour and Social Security, is promoting and facilitating … growth in productivity in all areas,” Nelson added.

The centre director shared that while Minister of Labour and Social Security Pearnel Charles Jr will provide further details on the various initiatives in the coming weeks, one of the JPC’s focus areas will be the youths.

“One of the things that they sent us, through the ministry, is looking into preparing Jamaica for the future of work and the future of productivity. [This includes] promoting innovation to get to our youths in terms of helping them to be more productive now, so that when they enter the workforce, they can be productive workers and continue to go and add value to the workforce,” Nelson said.

“A big part of it, too, is getting what is happening on the ground. We will be conducting surveys, as well and sharing that information with persons. We want everybody to participate in some way, shape or form,” the CTD informs.

“We have some exciting things coming up for businesses, youth, everyone. So, we want persons to look out for this and to reach out to us to learn more, in terms of what exactly we will be doing and how we will be preparing Jamaica for the future of work,” she added.ENGAGING EXPERTS

In January, State Minister in the Ministry of Labour and Social Security Dr Norman Dunn appointed 15 ambassadors. Referencing this, Nelson said the Productivity Ambassadors is an initiative’s to bolster the JPC’s efforts in promoting a culture of productivity and efficiency across the nation.

“We engaged a cohort who was recently appointed as our board of the Jamaica Productivity Centre. We wanted all our new directors to be ambassadors of productivity. So, we had a training session for them and then they were awarded with their ambassador [designation] and pinned by Minister Dunn … as ambassadors for productivity,” Nelson said.

“We work along with them in our various interventions, and you’ll be seeing more and hearing more about our ambassadors as we roll out the programme that we have directed at the future of work and productivity,” she added.

The current cohort of ambassadors includes chairman, Omar Azan, and deputy chair, Andrene Collings.

Previous ambassadors include Nicole McLaren Campbell, and chief executive officer of Honey Bun Limited, Michelle Chong.

“We have a quite an extensive cohort of persons who are very passionate about productivity. We call them our ‘pop stars’, because they want to see Jamaica at a better place; and so, they will give of their time, energy and services to continue to promote this very important message of productivity to everyone,” Nelson states.

Regarding the proposed awareness campaign, the CTD said the aim is to sensitise the society about the thrust to enhance productivity, adding that the engagement will be launched in a couple of weeks.

“We are engaging experts in the area to help us along this journey as we roll out these exciting activities to Jamaicans. We are targetting multiple stakeholders. We will be engaging other ministries to partner with us as we roll out some of these programmes. So, it is pretty exciting, and all I can say is listen up for more,” she stated.

The Jamaica Productivity Centre will be observing Productivity Day on June 20 and will undertake a week of activities commemorating this.