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Hello, mi neighbour! | Embrace the power of love in your family

Published:Sunday | June 16, 2024 | 12:58 AM

Hello, mi neighbour! Ever wondered why verbal communication between us human beings can be so trying at times? Both of us want to have the last word, and, as such, we are not truly listening to each other. And if wi doan stand up strong, a frienship is lost or good relationship is broken. Not to worry, however. If true love is a part of the equation, a lost friendship can be easily restored and a broken relationship can be quickly mended.


Hey, it’s Family Month! Let us see how we can help struggling families in this Family Month to enjoy the rest of the month and beyond. If your family has been struggling to stay afloat for years, months or weeks, due to insurmountainable and debilitating conflicts, I can bet my bottom dollar true love, described above, is not active here. The power of true love in the family is immense! True love is the foundation of a strong and healthy family, and it has the ability to: heal wounds, mend conflicts, cure emotional hurt and empower the soul to forgive. Yes, for real!

So, if you would like to build trust, create a sense of security and reliance among family members, foster and encourage personal growth, self-esteem, and confidence, true love must be present. And what is this true love? Keep on reading, my friend. And you’re gonna love this one: true love creates sweet memories, provides comfort, ensures a sense of belonging, especially in down times.

And when you think it was over, true love is just beginning to shine!

True love sets positive examples for present and for future generations! It breaks negative patterns and cycles, creating a new legacy of positivity. It brings joy filled with happiness, laughter, and warmth. How yuh feeling about this concept of love so far? Great! Cultivate it and you will find yourself supporting and accepting family unconditionally, not just for 10, 20 or 30 years, but as long as your earthly sojourn endures. By embracing the power of love in your family, you can create a nurturing environment, not only for immediate family members, but those who may drop by from time to time.


Okay, since you’re becoming a little anxious to hear how you may cultivate this kind of love, let me ask another entity to weigh in on this one with ‘10 ways to cultivate love’ (it’s a team effort):

1. Practice empathy: Understand and share the feelings of others.

2. Show appreciation: Express gratitude and acknowledge the positive contributions of others.

3. Spend quality time: Invest time and attention in nurturing relationships.

4. Listen actively: Engage in attentive and compassionate listening.

5. Show affection: Display physical affection like hugs, kisses, and cuddles.

6. Forgive and let go: Release grudges and resentments and choose forgiveness.

7. Be present: Be fully engaged and mindful in interactions with loved ones.

8. Show interest: Take genuine interest in the lives and passions of others.

9. Be supportive: Offer encouragement and support in times of need.

10. Practise self-love: Embrace your own worth and cultivate self-care and self-compassion.

Like that?

Come on now potential ‘love farmers’! let’s saddle up with prayer, courage and determination, as we join hands and hearts together and head into the fertile field given to us by the Father to sow seeds of love and reap an abundance of peace, joy and happiness to last for a lifetime! And you will have more than enough to win back lost friendships and broken relationships!

Love y’all!


1. Stove, refrigerator, bed, food, help with medication, financial assistance to start a little business.

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