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Kerr Jarrett's double party - double the fun

Published:Tuesday | January 2, 2018 | 12:00 AMJanet Silvera
Ankit Kripalani, (third right) home from university overseas for the holidays, with his friends took over the Kerr-Jarrett's pre-New Year Eve party.
She goes by the moniker 'Dr Jess', Sexologist Jessica O'Reilly (left) and Island Grill's Thalia Lyn were the life of Mark and Paula Kerr-Jarrett's pre-New Year's Eve party.
Dwayne and Serena Innis
Christina Mulshenock, Mark Kerr-Jarrett, Stency and Danny Wegman.
Actress Debra Ehrardt (right) and daughter Jessica.
From left: President of JAMPRO, Diane Edwards, Island Grill's Thalia Lynn and Barnett Estate's Paula Kerr-Jarrett having a ball.
Terry Shoucair and her beau Joe Calvo.
From left: Shalon Nechmod, Toni Alejondria, Shailesh Sachdevo and Tara Shoucair.
Dr Alfred Dawes and his beautiful wife Latoya.
Ashley Dabbiere and her husband Alan.
Suki MacDonald Kapahi (left) and Francyne Lee
Attorney Courtney Hamilton and his wife Judy Farmer cooling out at Paula and Mark Kerr-Jarrett's pre-New Year Eve party in Granville, St James.


For the second year, socialite Paula Kerr-Jarrett and her husband, Mark, have succeeded in hosting two parties in one night at their fabulous home in Bellefield, St James.

It is unclear if this is intentional, but the early segment of this annual pre-New Year's Eve soiree is taken over by generation X, who depart by 10:30 p.m., while the boomers and millennials, hold a funky reggae party until after midnight.

Friday, December 29, was no different. In fact, the Kerr-Jarretts added the excitement of synchronised swimming and Hispanic dancers to the entertainment package this year, complemented by Jamaica's 'Superman' and singjay Tarrus Riley and star selector, DJ Bambino.

Riley's anthem, 'She's Royal', had many of the women on fire, with chief executive officer of Island Grill, Thalia Lyn, declaring, "I want to move to Montego Bay," as she became caught up in the moment, and her niece, sexologist Jessica 'Dr Jess' O'Reilly, danced the night away.

The two, who fall in the category of 'boomers', were the life of the party, for the second year. Don't be surprised if they wear the crown in 2018.

Riley, took the party crowd on a sing-along session, and when he was done, they were still chanting, 'Why, why, tell them that it's human nature'; while Bambino was the right medicine needed to take the diverse group into 2018.