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A 'Fur Ball' in aid of abandoned animals

Published:Tuesday | October 30, 2018 | 12:00 AMJanet Silvera
Cat girls dancing up a storm at the Fur Ball last Saturday night at the Wharf House in Reading, St James.
Sheila Pinto, the Witch, has her husband David in a trance.
Paola Byles the evil socialist, flying across the dance floor
Bank robbers Monique and Mike Todd show off their loot.
Talk about getting comfortable, Caroline Delisser only needed a tree trunk.
Kathryn 'Millie Small' May and Frank 'My Boy Lollipop' May
The Unicorn Queen, Tammy Browne, director of Montego Bay Animal Haven, at the annual Fur Ball at the Wharf House in St James, recently.
Pirate Star Watson (left) and Playgirl Bonnie Devi Ann Smith.
Adam Gomes dressed as a default character from 'Fort Nite' while his date Nina Perez is Khaleesi from Games of Thrones.
Aaah Ras Natango's Tamika Williams is green-faced about everything.
Black Swan Kim Cooper
Tracey Shirley came dressed as a Victorian dead woman.

Enchanted by witches brew and cobweb trees, zombies and ghosts turned out last Saturday night with two intentions in mind: making a difference in the lives of Jamaica's abandoned animals and dancing to DJ Bambino's beats.

Tagged the 'Fur Ball', by dog lovers who boasted all night about having their own vodka 'Tito's' made in their honour, the decor and costumes were off-the-wall.

Fancy dress wasn't a requirement, animal advocate, Tammy Browne of Montego Bay Animal Haven, told Outlook, but it was a lot of fun to see the diversity in costumes, which depicted everything from Poison Ivy to Cleopatra.

Even a 'Super Hubby' made his presence felt at the Wharf House, Reading, St James venue, which opened its doors in support of the not-for-profit organisation.

Browne, dressed as a unicorn riding beautifully into the night, pointed out that the Montego Bay Animal Haven wasn't just a non-profit for dogs and cats, the motivation behind the cause, she said, was to spread compassion, love and caring, to everything.

"We do this by going into schools to educate, and into communities to help, while explaining the importance of spaying, neutering and generally caring for their animals," said Browne, who has adopted hundreds of animals over the years.

Those she can't find homes for locally are adopted internationally.

Several of the communities Browne says she visits, the animals being cared for by locals are among the worst cases. However, with care, she says they make complete turnarounds.

A lover of mongrels, Tammy Browne says this breed of dogs is now referred to as The Royal Caribbean Terrier, and are incredibly smart and loyal.

The haven she operates also strongly believes in education, particularly of the children who are the country's future.

The Montego Bay Animal Haven team, received help from a number of companies, including Round Hill, Sandals, Mystic Thai, CPJ, distributors of Tito's Vodka, Wisynco, Ramsons, Couples, Scotchies, Kew Park, Chukka, and Jamaica Inn.

Amazing artwork by Sarah Meany, Jannette Eyles, Amy Laskin and Jonathon Routh, were all on display, with proceeds going towards animal care.