Thu | Jul 18, 2024

IMO celebrates International Day for Women in Maritime on May 18

Published:Tuesday | May 14, 2024 | 12:06 AM

THE INTERNATIONAL Maritime Organization (IMO) is set to celebrate International Day for Women in Maritime on May 18. This year’s theme, ‘Safe Horizons: Women shaping the future of maritime safety’, highlights the critical role women play in ensuring the smooth and secure operation of global shipping.

Despite significant strides, the maritime industry remains heavily male-dominated. According to the IMO, only two per cent of seafarers worldwide are women, and just 29 per cent of the overall maritime workforce. This year’s International Day for Women in Maritime aims to not only celebrate the achievements of women in the field, but also advocate for increased inclusion and address the current gender imbalance.

“The goal is not just to honour women’s successes, but also to advocate for equal opportunities,” said IMO Secretary General Arsenio Dominguez. “The maritime sector offers a multitude of prospects for women, spanning from seafaring to engineering, from law to logistics, and beyond.”

The IMO is encouraging participation in several key events to celebrate. A social media campaign using the hashtag #WomenInMaritimeDay invites women working in maritime and industry supporters to share pictures showcasing safety at sea from a woman’s perspective.

“We must lead by example, serving as role models striving to create inclusive, empowering and safe work environments for women,” Dominguez said, noting the theme underscores the vital role women can play in increasing safety measures across the industry.

The International Day for Women in Maritime serves as a crucial platform to raise awareness of the challenges women face in the maritime sector and promote initiatives that will create a more inclusive and equitable future for the industry.