Thu | Feb 25, 2021

Tun u han mek fashion - Time to create Corona fears away

Published:Friday | March 27, 2020 | 12:00 AMPaul H. Williams/Gleaner Writer
Necklace made of shells.
Clay and stone necklace.
Necklaces made of seeds and nuts.

Everybody in Jamaica seems to be running scared, away from Corona. They are driven by the news, fake and real, and have been caught up in a frenzy of fear. There are many at home, feeding themselves ravenously on the checkered information that abounds and embracing every corona item, which online, they have found.

But instead of drowning in all of this unnecessary doom and gloom, they could find things to do, fulfilling and pocket-filling. It is time to create, even to write stories, fictions and otherwise, about Corona herself and how she has the entire world in a vice-grip; about how people she has never met, and never will, have been shaking at the very mention of her name.

Who knows? That book could be a best-seller, a creative masterpiece for which scriptwriters would be jostling. And those with scriptwriting skills could themselves create their own scripts and develop a movie from the plethora of anecdotes out there.

There are so many things lying around and about that can be fashioned into income-earning items, especially by people who might have lost a stream of income. There are stones, seeds, nuts, shells, driftwood, bamboo, gypsum, clay, chalk in abundance all over the place. Not to mention wires and cords, newspapers, old clothes, and bags.

Instead of allowing Corona to cramp your style, the songwriter, the musician, and the dancer should now be preoccupied with creating engaging songs and dances to reflect these very interesting and yet serious times.

They could stop over-disinfecting the place, especially if Corona has never gone through their gates. They could use the money being spent on gallons of disinfectants to invest in some tools and miscellaneous things that are integral to whatever they are creating.

It should be a lifestyle inspired by Corona, not one that she has halted. And when she is gone on from whence she had allegedly come, they would have stories, movies, songs, dances, fashion jewellery for sale, or just for keepsakes for their posterity.