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Divine intervention is needed

Published:Tuesday | April 16, 2013 | 11:28 AM

Monique Grange, Assistant News Editor

Members of the clergy have weighed in on comments made by the National Security Minister Peter Bunting about the country’s need for divine intervention in the fight against crime.

Speaking at a church service at Northern Caribbean University (NCU) in Mandeville over the weekend Bunting said the best efforts of the security forces by itself will not solve the crime problem, but that it will have to take divine intervention.

Vice-president of Spiritual Affairs at NCU, Pastor Michael Harvey, believes the national security minister’s comments were taken out context.

Pastor Harvey noted that the national security minister did not say that human efforts are useless in the crime fight or that human measures are being ruled out.

Pastor Harvey has described calls for Bunting’s resignation based on his comments as ill-timed and ill-informed.

He notes that those calling for the national security minister to resign have not put forward any suggestions to stem crime.

Vice-president of the Jamaica Association of Evangelicals the Reverend Dr Peter Garth agrees that there is need for divine intervention.

Reverend Garth says he sees nothing wrong with Bunting's call for Divine intervention.

Reverend Garth also notes that it’s the absence of God in the heart’s of men that contributes to the country’s crime problems.

He says he sees no reason why the national security minister should resign as a result of the comments he made.

Reverend Garth has congratulated Bunting for calling for divine intervention.

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