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Published:Sunday | May 19, 2024 | 12:06 AM

The Rigid leadership

In the realm of governance, a rigid leadership stands,

With unbending will and ironclad commands,

They mould a kingdom with an unwavering grip,

Where dissenting voices are silenced, a leadership so stiff.

They stand atop pedestals, lofty and high,

Impervious to criticism, dismissing the sighs,

Their vision fixed, no room for change,

An autocratic rule, immune to exchange.

In the corridors of power, their influence looms,

Enforcing conformity, extinguishing the blooms,

Ideas suppressed, creativity restrained,

The growth of a nation, relentlessly detained.

Decisions are made with an iron fist,

Ignoring the pleas of those they dismiss,

The voice of the people, a distant echo,

As the rigid leadership holds the reins, we know.

But rigidity breeds cracks in the foundation,

A nation deprived of innovation,

For progress flourishes in an open mind,

Not bound by the chains of a leader confined.

True leadership thrives in flexibility’s embrace,

Adapting to change, with wisdom and grace,

It listens, it learns, it evolves with time,

Embracing diversity, unlocking the sublime.

So let us challenge the walls of rigidity,

For a nation to flourish, it needs agility,

Leadership should be a beacon of hope,

Guiding with empathy, expanding the scope.

In the face of rigidity, we must persist,

Advocating for change, with courage in our fist,

For a nation to truly thrive and grow,

A rigid leadership must bend, to let progress flow.

Amoie Allen Yes! That’s the strength of a mother

Teary eyes she dries,

when struggles rock her mind.

Little ones by her side,

weeping and wailing

with twisted voice they cry.

She held on to her child

groaning, emulating

the hunger deep within.

Yes! That’s the strength of a mother.

An honorary degree awarded for tasks well done.

In the Kitchen,

she majors in cooking,

In the Laundry room,

she majors in washing,

In the Bedroom

she majors in bedding; and

In the kids room,

she majors for 18 years or more.

Yes! That’s the strength of a mother.

The instincts of motherhood

not only Lie with giving birth,

but bearing the burden

and giving unconditional love

with everyone she encounters.

Yes! That’s the strength of a mother.

No matter the age,

she always consider you

to be her child or mi pickney,

as we say in Jamaica.

Yes! That’s the strength of a mother.

Janet Bailey-Palmer