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Slipping into Holy Matrimony

Published:Friday | March 30, 2018 | 12:00 AMJanet Silvera
The bridal party, bride and groom
From L- Trevor Guest - stepfather of the bride, Howard Shaw - father of the bride, Sherlon Walker - groom, Samantha Shaw Walker - bride, Carol Fox - mother of the bride and Shanneth Shaw - stepmother of the bride.
Sherlon Walker and his bride, Samantha Shaw - Walker cut their cake at the wedding reception at the Knutsford Court Hotel
The groom Sherlon Walker (centre) poses with his parents, Alfred Walker and Hyacinth Watson-Walker

Thirteen years ago, Sherlon Walker literally fell for Samantha Shaw when he slipped in mud the day he met her.

Walker has never forgotten that fall, or the girl who stole his heart in the process. In fact, Shaw had only been visiting Walker's hometown, St Mary at the time but he made it his duty to visit her daily while there.

Obviously, he had fallen head over heels in love with her and as destiny would dictate, the two looked in each other's eyes and exchanged vows, rings, and unconditional commitment recently at the Webster Memorial United Church in Kingston.

Their intimate reception, followed at the Knutsford Court Hotel, and those privy to the love story will tell you that there were no surprises here. "Sherlon would often tell his friends that he would one day marry Samantha," revealed his step-mother-in-law, Shanneth Shaw.




There was no question that the two would make their way back to each other even after the couple went their separate ways with Shaw migrating to the UK, to reside with her father and Walker, the United States of America. Shaw became a healthcare worker and Walker a technician. They maintained contact via social media and in 2013 their relationship blossomed.

Shaw and Walker visited Jamaica once or twice per year to see each other and in 2015, they decided that they wanted to be committed to each other forever, knowing well that they were always destined to be with each other.


The Wedding


Their wedding was symbolic in the sense that they tied the knot on the same day, the groom's parents, Hyacinth and Alfred Walker celebrated their 23rd anniversary.

At the start of the procession, the mothers of the bride and groom, Carol Fox and Hyacinth Walker, were the first to walk down the aisle followed by the bridal party. Shaw was escorted by her father, Howard Shaw.

The colours of the wedding were red, gold, and white with 10 bridesmaids all dressed in red, while nine groomsmen were dressed in red and black suits. The maid of honour, Venessa Waugh was dressed in gold while the bestman, Keon McBean, was dressed in a red and black suit.

The bride's dress was from Bliss Bridal while the groom wore a Vesuvio Napoli suit.

Reverend Astor Carlyle conducted the beautiful ceremony, with the two honeymooning at Couples Ocho Rios.