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Your True Shade for carnival

Published:Friday | March 30, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley

The season of intense fun and revelry is on. With your costume ready and your sneakers in hand, ladies it is time to 'wuk dutty,' jump, and gyrate those hips to the beat of sweet soca music. Yes, you will sweat, but you will agree that you still have to look flawless, which means that throughout the entire day, your make-up must be superb.

Maintaining your make-up glow is easy. You don't have to march with a heavy make-up pouch because Your True Shade will keep you looking like the goddess of carnival and ready for the road. Dianne Plummer is the owner of this make-up power house. Together with her team of five make-up gurus, including the talented Amber Mitchelle and Marvette Hall, you will be kept stunning as you indulge in the revelry of a momentous carnival moment. "Women expect to be freshened up by a team that just wants them to go back on the road looking like queens," Plummer explained.


Rest stop touch-ups


Centring on the beauties attached to the Xaymaca band, the complementary make-up touch-up sessions will be done during the rest stops, with each session expected to last for five minutes. "We won't be doing 'full faces' because women will already be there with their make-up. Our services will involve removing excess sheen, powder, and lip-stick reapplication," she told Flair.

Carnival is one of the best events you could attend to truly express yourself and come to life. Especially since carnival make-up has no rules, we know your make-up comes from an inspiration and creativity that you want to show off to your fellow revellers. This is something that Your True Shade understands and wants to help you to bring across as you march to rhythms.




If you feel it will be a hassle to get your make-up touched up, why not do it yourself? "This year, we want to have a station where persons can reapply their own powder and lipstick. It involves having a vanity and, of course, YTS products."

Remember carnival is here to bring extreme excitement and spice to your life. It only comes around at this time of the year. Enjoy it. And in the midst of the merriment get your make-up touched up. With Your True Shade, it's no hassel. "Just come by the YTS booth and you'll be attended to by one of our artists," Plummer said.