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Letter of the Day | Can't fight crime with failed policies

Published:Sunday | December 16, 2018 | 12:00 AM


First, why does crime control in Jamaica not follow the acknowledged problem-solving protocol?

1. Identify and define the problem using scientific data with comparison to external parties suffering from the same problem.

2. Using scientifically derived conclusions, identify the causes and catalysts of the problem. Identify any cyclical nature of the problem to pinpoint what specific part of the cycle the problem is.

3. Generate measurable solutions - short, medium and long term - based on proven results from other related entities that have solved the same or similar problem, and set goals.

4. Select, implement and evaluate a choice either, first, by pilot test, or full roll-out.

And why do educated politicians who have spent decades investing mini-fortunes acquiring education then pretend to be ignorant when they obtain office? Based on the above, it is clear that there has never been a real scientific anti-crime initiative in the history of Jamaica with governments chock-full of PhDs and MBAs.

The states of emergency (SOEs) clearly fail the problem-solving process because they have been used countless times in the past, and after short-term gains the crime monster erupted later. How can persons with PhDs not see this?

Besides, anyone who reads and believes in science should be aware of the findings on the root causes of crime. Why do elected politicians then play the dunce? Why do journalists play the dunce? Is it because they have to write for a living. Why do politicians and journalists lie, claiming poverty causes crime, when many poverty-stricken countries and cities have minuscule violent crime statistics?