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Force Ocean Towers delinquents to pay up

Published:Monday | December 17, 2018 | 12:00 AMGordon Robinson


Where is the regard for the decent and law-abiding proprietors who struggle to pay their maintenance and are being asked to pay more because facilities must be provided and enjoyed by all owners, whether they pay or not?

Where is the regard for those owners who show responsibility in planning and buying into a complex that they can afford?

We are now at a stage where the majority of owners have been allowed to become part of the cancer that has taken over this complex under the guise of other pressing demands while they enjoy free water, free use of facilities (elevator, pool and entertainment area, security service, laundry, etc.) at the expense of those who pay.

This cancer of non-payment of maintenance has consumed the entire Ocean Towers complex, to the detriment of its ability to provide a quality place of abode.

Those among us who abide by the rules/by-laws, who pay our maintenance, are being shafted by the behaviour of these non-payers, as well as the Management Committee, which has been lax in the exercise of its mandate.

The greater good is achieved, in all cases, by treating the cancer cells and, if unresponsive, by removing them, so that the body can survive. The same obtains for non-payers of maintenance contributions if Ocean Towers is to survive.

The Management Committee must stop the procrastination and act decisively to excise this cancer. If they are unable and/or unwilling to so do, they should either relinquish their positions or retain the services of a competent firm to perform the duties of the strata office.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.