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What are the broader implications of Ukraine war

Published:Wednesday | July 6, 2022 | 12:05 AM


The world has become immune to war and civil unrest. Before Russia going into Ukraine, there was the Syrian conflict, the Yemen crisis, Sudanese unrest, the Venezuelan crisis, etc. Many of these conflicts are still ongoing. The spread of unrest to the European utopia was only a matter of time. As we all know, Europe has its history of war. What’s interesting is the unwillingness of the United States and European countries to intervene in Ukraine. This would be tantamount to a possible third world war; but in the seemingly democratic and progressive societies of the West, the Ukrainian invasion is a slap in the face.

One could argue that the supply of arms to Ukraine is all the alliance that is needed from the United States and Europe. Under the Biden administration there is a marked hesitancy towards ‘manifest destiny’, as seen in the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. In Venezuela, Maduro has stressed that any intervention by western democracies in his country’s conflict is reflective of their colonial mindset.

Maintaining diplomacy during times of conflict is tough. International conventions are broken all the time. The United States itself refuses to be bound by many international conventions, and ignores many of them. Countries that have the power and the privilege to combat tyrannical forces will think of their own interests first, and who is to blame them?

The spread of these conflicts is akin to looking at a graph that hikes and hikes into oblivion. After Ukraine, which western country is next? What does this mean for the Caribbean? Financial impact is one thing, but what about our defences? We can be easily squashed, and we are perceivably insignificant to many in the West. If one Caribbean country falls, there will be a ripple effect for all countries in the region. Most Jamaicans on the streets do not keep abreast of international news. They do not consider wars and civil conflicts. This is a sort of privilege. We are satisfied with contending with our own corrupt Government and criminals. However, these are harbingers for the destruction of democracies.

I am by no means religious, but truly, there is nothing new under the sun.