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End cycle of advantage Britain, disadvantage Jamaica

Published:Saturday | December 9, 2023 | 12:07 AM


It is as clear as the midday sun, the universe’s brightest star shining in all its strength, that Jamaica needs to stop, look, and act.

On an arc from Cromwell’s sending of Admiral Penn and General Venables in 1655 to the recent parliamentarian visit to Jamaica, Britain has shown no empathy. A repeat of the 1655 War for Jamaica, in which the British forces employed 10 pounds of brimstone and 14 pounds of saltpetre to checkmate the Spanish Forces and gain Jamaica from Spain. (Institute of Jamaica Journal, March 1971).

Also the wrongful death by hanging of Sam Sharp and 1,200 other persons after this genocide. During the period of this genocide and wrongful deaths, Britain benefited from the operations of 1,062 sugar mills and the production of over five million tons of free-labour sugar. The other perpetual benefits include the input in the British National Museum, the British Stock Exchange, and Trafalgar Square.

The United Nations’ Quantification report states that Jamaica is to be paid US$9 trillion for the atrocities of this unencumbered wealth creation from free labour and genocide. On their recent visit, the British parliamentarians made no mention of this report. The Jamaica Reparation Commission should produce and serve a debit note demanding that this payment be made over the generation period of 2026-2056.

Thereafter, Jamaica can notify the United Nations, the World Bank, the IMF, and the international rating agency that effective 2026, Jamaica’s annual developmental budget will be on the basis of US$0.33 trillion.