Fri | Apr 12, 2024

Letter of the Day | Are we stone deaf or given up on loud mufflers?

Published:Saturday | February 24, 2024 | 12:06 AM


This a desperate plea from residents of Havendale (especially Border Avenue and Roehampton Drive/Close) to the relevant authorities for their assistance in dealing (penalising) with the motorcyclists who keep us awake by the extremely high decibel levels of their motorbikes. We would like to sleep relatively peacefully in the houses for which we have toiled and sacrificed for decades to acquire.

Let’s celebrate the marginal decline in fatal crashes in the year 2023 for motorcyclists, but be mindful that this is not yet a trend. We still observe that despite the new traffic laws, motorcyclists continue to speed past traffic cops, rush through stop lights and drive with deafening/thunderous sounds from the doctored-for-loudness mufflers and motor car fitted horns fitted to their bikes. The sounds from the muffler of some of these bikes are like explosions from the firing of high-calibre weapons/rifles. In addition, many if not most of these motorcyclists conspicuously drive without the appropriate safety gear.

Let us also be aware that the “motorcycle chaos” that now exists in the western part of the island can easily replicate other parts of Jamaica, and the Corporate Area is very fertile. The high murder rate started in Kingston/St Andrew and now the western parishes are being severely impacted by it.

We have seen, for example, that what used to be relatively quiets places such as Border Avenue, Roehampton Drive and Roehampton Close in Kingston 19 have become “beehives” from the operation of motorcycles.

Is it that operating motorbikes at such high decibel levels has been excluded from the new Traffic Act/Regulations or breaches by motorcyclists have become unenforceable for the police? If not, why does it seem so blatantly clear that police are not sufficiently and effectively enforcing the laws against motorcyclists? In their occasional visits to the Roehampton community they mainly focus on motorists who disobey stop signs while ignoring motorcyclists.

Have we all become stone deaf or have we given up on the authorities to make a difference?