Fri | Apr 12, 2024

The pocomaniac Left

Published:Monday | February 26, 2024 | 12:06 AM


In a recent column in The Gleaner, one of Jamaica’s finest impressed me with the emotion of his viewpoint but I couldn’t help but also be impressed by what appeared to me to be inherent biases demonstrated in his perspective of American politics. I thought to myself, for some reason it’s possible that too many of Jamaica’s best pundits today have in past years fallen under the spell of the Liberal Left.

This letter to The Gleaner, then, represents a small attempt to shed more light on the escapades of what is really nothing more than the sorry influence of a rag-tag collection of oddball, minority groups around the world. The problem is that in the last few years they have proven themselves most unworthy of any accolade for progress they promised and should have made. Worse is the fact that their reach has dominated the executive branch of the US government and infiltrated, even saturated, far too much of American society with incompetence, corruption, and worst of all – the arrogant immaturity of their views.

Dare I say the ‘pocomaniac’, magic of the liberal left today seems to call for the assembling of world community, an invitation to partake in a perverse, self-centred festival … or face the consequences of not attending. It reminds me of Wednesday nights’ Pocomania meeting down the street in a small yard behind a small house on the road to Martha Brae – trumpet’s blaring, drums beating, wild incantations. I sat and listened, on my front porch.

Only today the yard is the Internet, cable TV, and any other influencing media the Left can find to buy and corrupt. Want to get to the truth? Want to understand why I fear the bias that comes with this false religion, this perversion of spirit and mind that comes with all this modern nonsense we’re all being fed and saturated with today?

I know how you can do it: Just try watching the news media representing each opposing side. Try watching the Fox News Channel and then MSNBC, for example, and look at the people, the content, and the message they’re selling. Be fair about what you’re seeing. See them in comparison and contrast; make up your mind for yourself. To my own way of thinking, this Liberal Left will always tell you what to think; all I have is suggestion. I see it as being because they aren’t really so sure of what they think, themselves; but you can make up your own mind.


Bokeelia, Florida