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Something Extra | Monday

Published:Monday | July 4, 2022 | 12:36 AM
Black will forever be a classic. Karen Clarke (left) and Venice Anderson-Facey showed that two different aesthetics can be just as glamorous, whether sticking to a clean design or choosing sequins.
Chenele Wallace, fashion designer and creative director of the Cochen Experience was sitting pretty in an original design that showed just the right amount of legs and shoulders and screamed sexy yet classy.
Mother knows best, and Chenele Wallace (left) looks best in the fit her mother, Eulette Wallace, stitched together for her. The two women are seen here having a mother-daughter moment in the middle of ‘Grandeur by the Cochen Experience’.
Brittany Powell stepped out royally in blue.
Nicole Hopkins made sure her arm candy for the evening, Bjorn Crosdale, looked just as bold.
Sashana Barker took risks but still matched the theme and came out with her ‘girls just wanna have fun’ attitude.
Glamour girls often travel in pairs, and Madison Wallen (left) and Mitchell Edwards, who wore similar dresses, got an equal number of stares when they stepped in.
Bonique Henry says metallic grey and silver are never dull. In fact, these are the new alternatives to black this season.
The master of mixes, Anthony Bryan, was not to be left out of the festivities as he served up ‘grandeur’ cocktails for the elite fashion cocktail event.
Captured sitting by the Luxe bounce-house, Kathlene Gardner chose something short, sexy and playful because she knew she was coming to have the time of her life.

Local fashion designer Chenele Wallace and her mother Eulette have stitched a dream of creating a brand that exemplifies the grown and glamorous woman. With a vision to create not just clothing but a lifestyle, the Cochen Experience was recently launched in Hellshire Heights. Specially invited guests received the directive to colour-code their outfits in black, red, gold, silver, royal blue and emerald green for the luxe cocktail event as ladies, hand-picked by the creative directors, wore signature designs. Something Extra brings you the fashionable highlights.


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