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Careen Bailey's Essence of Fayth

Published:Monday | January 7, 2019 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley
Careen Bailey is very passionate about her homemade soy candles.
These gorgeous trinkets are the latest designs of Fayth Accents, the parent company of Fayth Essence.
The Journey Collection is intended to represent confidence.
The fragrance of each homemade soy candle is enough to create a heavenly experience for you.

Known for making incredible jewellery from natural elements, young entrepreneur and designer Careen Bailey has not only added more fashionable pieces to her line, but has also ventured in a new area. Fayth Essence, a luxurious handmade and soy-based candle initiative, is her new project and one you'll find appealing.

The recently launched enterprise features four fragrances - clear cotton, pumpkin spice, sweet lavender, and a fusion of coconut and lime. A chartered accountant by profession, Bailey realised her artistic prowess at an early stage and has dedicated herself to fully develop her skills ever since.

Her interest in this newly found passion peaked late last year and is a direct result of an innate, adventurous nature to explore the horizons.

"I also wanted to branch off into social entrepreneurship and add another meaning to my efforts. My first company, Fayth Accents, focuses on contributing to Mensana, where I donate a certain percentage of my profits to the institution that caters to persons with mental illnesses. For Fayth Essence, I am doing the same, except part of the proceedings goes towards persons who are blind," Bailey passionately explained.

Continuing to explain her strong affections and belief in social entrepreneurship, which essentially is to fund, develop and implement solutions for social issues, the creative also highlighted prospective expansions of her brand. These include bath and body products made of organic components.

The 31-year-old designer wholly intends for you to enjoy the breathtaking aromas and the salutary rewards as the wick from the cylindrical wax burns. She also wants you to relish the thought of helping others, and it's not just about comfort, but more so contributing towards a very important cause.




"I love business, I've always had a passion for it, but there is a part of me that just does not want to focus on business solely. I have to do something that is meaningful to others rather than merely growing profits," she said.

Similar to her trinket line, Bailey basks in the therapeutic advantages of making the candles. From measuring and melting the wax, adding the desired fragrance and oil, to securing the wick in place, Bailey adores it all.

Starting out as a pastime activity, Bailey spends her time producing gems for her business ventures. 'Journey' is her latest collection under Fayth Accents, and one which she has intertwined with her candles. Hoping to capture and represent confidence in her necklaces, bracelets and earrings, she aims to achieve the same effect as her Fayth Essence.

The Journey line is about embracing and overcoming life challenges as females, and developing emotional mental and spiritual health is the message she is sending.

"Some of my customers gravitate towards it because of the meaning and purpose of the ornaments. They love my products because they are beautiful; and I know you will fall for them, too, the minute you see them."

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