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Opening the ‘Blue Window’ of Love with Take Two

Published:Thursday | September 26, 2019 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson/Gleaner Writer

Penetrating eyes, lustful smiles, and the clink of wine glasses gave way to engaging and scintillating conversation. Beautiful couple Trayce Ann Henry and Merrick Marshall sat down to a romantic dinner for two, wining and dining at the lovely Blue Window Restaurant at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel.

Although he is a salmon man at heart, Merrick ‘marshalled’ the honey-lacquered grilled chicken breast, served with mashed sweet potatoes accompanied by a mango emulsion and mixed green salad, savouring each with every bite. And the ice cream-loving Trayce Ann continued on the creamy path with the delectable chicken penne pasta Alfredo . Apothic White and Apothic Red Wine balanced the munching mix with sheer decadence.

The lovebirds cosied up to the occasion, sharing the secrets to their happiness over the array of delights. They revealed that they absolutely enjoy getting ‘sweet’ and ‘sauced’ up and going on date nights. But that is more so a luxury for the parents who make the best of family mealswith son, Carson. Creating great dishes at home, courtesy of resident chef Trayce Ann. Laughing in agreement, Merrick added that he makes a mean cereal, with which his beloved concurred heartily.

After an exciting trivia section, with each getting only one answer wrong, it was clear that these two were truly meant for each other.

Look out for more about their love story in Monday’s Flair.