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Make Christmas cocktails with Monymusk

Published:Thursday | December 22, 2022 | 12:29 AM
The Claus.
The Claus.
Sorrel rum punch.
Sorrel rum punch.
 Merry kiss.
Merry kiss.

Monymusk Plantation Rums has three new cocktails to be enjoyed during the festive season. Using Monymusk’s standard rums —Overproof White Rum, Special Gold Rum, and Whispering Breeze—Senior Mixologist Andrew Weir has concocted the perfect blends for rum lovers to make festive cocktails.

The Claus


•2oz Monymusk Overproof White Rum

•4oz ice cream or ice cream mix

•1oz homemade hazelnut chocolate syrup (store-bought chocolate, melted)

Garnish: Coconut flakes, cherry, whipped cream, strawberry syrup, cinnamon stick.


Add all the ingredients to a shaker and shake until the cocktail is chilled. Rim the rock glass with strawberry syrup and add coconut flakes to the rim. Pour mixture into the rock glass and garnish with whipped cream, cherry, and cinnamon stick.

Monymusk Sorrel Rum Punch


•1oz Monymusk Overproof White Rum

•4oz sorrel drink

•2oz orange juice

•1oz Monymusk Gold Rum

•1oz infused ginger syrup/simple syrup

•1⁄2oz lime juice

Garnish: Orange/lime, sorrel, and cherry


Add all ingredients in a shaker and shake for 30-45 seconds, then pour into a glass with ice and garnish.

Monymusk Merry Kiss


•2 oz Monymusk Whispering Breeze

•4 oz pineapple juice

•1.5 oz melon juice (optional)

•1 oz Peach Schnapps (optional)

•½ oz strawberry syrup

•½ oz Lime juice

Garnish: Green sugar (granulated sugar mixed with green food colouring) and a candy cane.


Add all the ingredients to a shaker and shake. Rim the glass with green sugar, then pour into a hurricane glass and add candy cane on top.