Wed | Apr 24, 2024


Published:Thursday | February 22, 2024 | 12:07 AM


Last July, someone ran into the back of my car. His company accepted liability as well as the estimate submitted by Magna Motors.

After the work was completed. I was charged $32,800 for ‘Betterment’. Magna Motors charged approximately $800, 000 for repairs, which, in my estimation, was extremely exorbitant. Despite this, I was not concerned since the insurance company agreed to pay the bill. But when I queried the ‘betterment’ charge, I was informed that the value of the car had increased based on the work done; therefore, it was in a ‘better’ condition.

I would like an intelligent explanation from the insurance industry for this ‘betterment’. First, I did not cause this accident; second, the exorbitant charge from Magna should have included this betterment charge. I was content with the condition of my car before it became ‘better’, so why do I have to take my hard-earned savings to pay this ridiculous charge?