Fri | Apr 12, 2024

‘One Love’ movie, great overall

Published:Thursday | February 22, 2024 | 12:07 AM


I appreciate Michael Abrahams’ commentary in his Gleaner article of February 20 for keeping it real. I appreciate his candour.

I, too, thought the movie was overall great. All who were involved did a magnificent job of bringing the message and Bob’s mission across. They did have parts in the movie where some sequence of events were changed around in reference to timelines; however, this is what’s done in most movies to show a certain narrative.

This narrative was a love story of Rita and Bob, along with their struggles.

The only critique I have of the movie would be that because they decided to take out Cindy’s role, they should have removed her completely from the movie.

But then, the fairy-tale narrative of Rita being the one love of Bob Marley would be too obvious. How Cindy was portrayed in the movie was tacky, disrespectful, and omitting that timeline in which she was explicitly involved was definitely not how it went.