Fri | Apr 12, 2024

Readers’ reactions

Published:Friday | February 23, 2024 | 12:08 AM

Inflation to remain higher than targeted until 2025 – BOJ

Until when? Jah Jah! – @CarrenPeart

Higher inflation! Looks like Jamaicans should brace for more financial pressure. How much more can people tighten purse strings or get creative with budgeting skills? They’re already cooking budget-friendly meals and finding innovative ways to stretch the dollar – @candywrapper31

Higher than targeted!? – @mamachell

Idk how much more people can take, it’s rough BOJ. – @aneikaangus

Wish me did stay forever as a youth. Adult life yah a beat me. – @lancebrown19

I was promised prosperity, is this it!? – @intheknowja

We have to produce more export more and import less. – @djpaulblake

And minimum wage is $13k per week, I pray for us all. – @sheldonberry75

We need to examine the construct of what is called inflation, I know, yes I know it’s an economic term used internationally used to describe the reason for the rising cause of essential goods and services that comes along with same. What is always demonstrably clear to me is, the higher the inflation is according to the economists is the higher profit is for businesses, so my question is, why is it that the cost of labour never moves up likewise. Just asking, ready to learn. – Verol Rochester

That’s manageable inflation. Still in single figure. There is a lot of money floating around. Find ways to mop it up. It may be a bit difficult because prices do not remain constant. Things are expensive. – SiervodeJah Errol

Readers’ responses sourced from The Gleaner’s X, formerly Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages. Compiled by Khanique McDaniel.