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Shawn and Davia find love as college mates

Published:Tuesday | March 28, 2023 | 12:45 AMKrysta Anderson/Staff Reporter
The groom shows off his red-bottom shoes with his band of brothers, who stood by his side suited in grey on his big day.
The lovely bridesmaids, all dressed in pink, gushing over the beautiful bride and her wedding ring.
The Hibberts were overjoyed to have the love and support of an incredible bridal party. On the bride’s side (from left): bridesmaids Shannon Hibbert (groom's sister), Carron Doctor, Lauren Grant, Nicola Dumont, Toni-Ann Hibbert, Kimberly Beckford, maid of honour, Danielle Raynor, the bride and groom, best man, Kamal Powell and groomsmen Andre Morgan (groom's brother), Chad Hinds, Fabian Jones, Marlon Valentine (groom's brother), Temard Butterfield and Leon Buckle.
The happy couple is magically framed in a picture-perfect cutout.
The couple engage in a traditional sand ceremony to unify their unconditional love.
Enchanted, the duo recite their vows.
It began with a budding romance as classmates. Soon, it blossomed into becoming partners in love and business, and thereafter rose to these soulmates making their first walk down the aisle, having tied the knot in a gorgeous garden ceremony in Montego Bay.
Here’s a kiss that seals two hearts for a lifetime.
The blushing bride arrived at her wedding in a 1931 Ford four-door convertible.

“She had me at ‘hello’,” Shawn Hibbert said when recounting his first encounter with his now wife, Davia McCarthy. The feeling of enchantment was certainly mutual for Davia, who knew Shawn was the one from the moment he sat beside her on that first day in college. It began with a budding romance as classmates. Soon, it blossomed into becoming business partners and rose to these soulmates tying the knot in a gorgeous garden ceremony in Montego Bay.

Davia described her husband back in school as a walking, breathing genius, who was immensely handsome. As she got to know him better, she was impressed by how charismatic, protective, ambitious and amusing he was. “He taught me from the initial stages that you can’t take life too seriously. A day doesn’t pass and he doesn’t make a joke out of a situation, “ she told Island Wedding.

One of the biggest lessons he taught her while attending college was that it was best to build a foundation through entrepreneurship, in order to create present and generational wealth. “He didn’t wish to go the typical route of working for someone’s company straight out of college.” So the pair embarked on a professional journey together. “He is extremely driven to achieve success, always seeking the next opportunity for growth. As leaders, this strategic move enabled us to have better control over the growth in our relationship and our business. He puts his family before everything you could possibly think of,” she added.

Shawn, who found the love of his life absolutely beautiful from the beginning, was also mesmerised by her loving, caring, patient, loyal and forgiving side. “I never took anything seriously; I was very casual with schoolwork back then,” he said. But after they connected, he began admiring her drive for excellence; an inspiring quality she was able to pass on to him. “She has shown me that despite all adversities, we should always seek to find the best in everyone we meet, whilst keeping an open mind. She also taught me to always put my best foot forward; it’s all or nothing. She’s literally my spine, I do not make decisions without her. Without her beside me, only God knows where I would be!”

The couple, who flowed into the relationship naturally, courted for six wonderful years until Shawn decided to give the union an even greater upgrade with a surprise proposal.

Travelling under the guise that he was getting vaccinated, Shawn caught a flight to purchase the ideal wedding ring. The rock was kept hidden at his in-laws’ house until Davia’s birthday came around. He would use the special occasion to pop the question.

The outdoor venue was booked and ready; family and friends were already invited. There was only one problem: a tropical storm was imminent. Determined to make Davia his wife, he moved the proposal indoors to a new location: her parent’s house.

“I had her blindfolded, and off we went. I’ve never been more nervous in my life. With my heart racing, palms sweating, mouth seemingly dry from what I was about to do, off we went. Upon arrival to a beautiful tropical décor with light drizzles, I knew it was perfect when I heard the saxophone playing Lady in Red by Chris DeBurgh,” he shared.

Shawn continued, “I gently led her to the centre of the flowers laid in a heart shape with ‘I love you’, spelling ‘Marry me?’ Nervously shaking, I got on one knee and with the blindfold off, she started breaking down. I professed my love to her and boom, she said yes.”

The bride-to-be, who continued to float on cloud nine from her fantastic proposal, enlisted a wedding planner for the entire nuptial process, but did admit to receiving assistance from family members and friends, who made the whole experience more memorable and breathtaking.

For her wedding dress, Davia took a trip overseas and said yes to the fourth dress she fitted. “I chose that dress particularly because it screamed ‘oh my gosh’ and high quality, emulating elegance.”

On January 15, Davia and Shawn joined hands and heart in a wedding ceremony and reception at White Witch Golf Course in Montego Bay. The stunning bride walked up the aisle in an ivory, floral-inspired lace dress with spaghetti straps and a sweetheart neckline. Her happy and handsome groom greeted her in a classic black-and-white suit.

The groom said that the wedding was amazing from start to finish, “from décor and food to the beautiful people and drinks. It was all we hoped for. My best moment was signing the marriage certificate, as it confirms on paper that I’m overly in love with this beautiful woman, who is my best friend”.

The bride shared similar sentiments, stating that it exceeded expectations. “Everything was so magical. It felt like I was watching a movie and we were the main characters the entire night. The best moment was when we exchanged our vows and said our ‘I dos’, I was like, ‘Man, this is really happening.’ I knew this was truly love. There was a cold front out, and in that moment I was unable to feel it,” Davia said.

The newly-weds shared a romantic first dance as husband and wife to a Luther Vandross classic, Here and Now.