Tue | Mar 19, 2019

Just don't get pregnant in the first place!

Published:Thursday | May 17, 2018 | 12:00 AM


The lead story in The Sunday Gleaner (5/13/2018) titled 'Most Jamaicans are still opposed to abortion on demand' makes one wonder why such a tendentious topic becomes so regular an issue when it can be so easily avoided by avoiding the pregnancy to begin with.

Even among pro-abortionists, it appears that flushing an unborn life from your body is much easier than cutting any connecting strings of hurt and guilt from a troubled conscience - even after justifications and the comfort that should follow.

If having an abortion was as justified as removing an unwelcome tumour growing inside you, why would it become such an emotive and defensive issue for doing what you know is right?

Whatever troubles or difficulties present to one experiencing an unwanted pregnancy seem hardly divested or compensated for if abortion brings emotional unrest.

There should be no after-scars or pain if abortion is an answer - if throwing out the baby with the bathwater hasn't really yielded a clean conscience. And yet, the choice that leaves a would-be mother without any self-reproach or finger-wagging is avoiding the chance of pregnancy in the first place.